Saturday, June 26, 2010

Top 5 NHL 1st Overall Draft Pick Busts

Not saying Taylor Hall will turn out anything like these guys because I agree with him going first, but with all the draft buzz I thought it would be fun to look at some of the first overall failures!

5. Brian Lawton - 1983 by the Minnesota North Stars

483GP - 112G - 154A - 266PTS

Note: The North Stars were glad to take Lawton as the first US born player to go at #1, and so were the Red Wings who ended up with Stevie-Y.

Who they could have taken:

Pat LaFontaine: 3rd overall (865GP - 1013PTS)
Steve Yzerman: 4th overall (1514GP - 1755PTS)
Cam Neely: 9th overall (726GP - 694PTS)

4. Greg Joly - 1974 by the Washington Capitals

365GP - 21G - 76A - 97PTS

Note: The first overall pick led his Caps to a grand total of 19 wins in 160 games over his first two seasons.

Who they could have taken:

Wilf Paiement: 2nd overall (946GP - 814PTS)
Clarke Gillies: 4th overall (958 - 697PTS)
Bryan Trottier: 22nd overall (1279GP - 1425PTS)

3. Patrik Stefan - 1999 by the Atlanta Thrashers

455GP - 64G - 124A - 188PTS

Note: Just 7 years after being number 1, Stefan found himself in retirement, but I'd want to retire too after missing that empty net against the Oilers in 2007.

Who they could have taken:

Daniel Sedin: 2nd overall (705GP - 547PTS and counting)
Henrik Sedin: 3rd overall (728GP - 572PTS and counting)
Martin Havlat: 23rd overall (543GP - 450PTS and counting)

2. Alexandre Daigle - 1993 by the Ottawa Senators

616GP - 126G - 198A - 327PTS

Note: "I'm glad I got drafted first, because no one remembers number two"
- Alexandre Daigle after being picked #1 overall.
He deserves a kick in the mouth, I think we all remember Mr. Pronger a lot better than him.

Who they could have taken:

Chris Pronger: 2nd overall (1104GP - 661PTS and counting)
Paul Kariya: 4th overall (989GP - 989PTS and counting)
Jason Arnott: 7th overall (1099GP - 873GP and counting)

1. Gord Kluzak - 1982 by the Boston Bruins

299GP - 25G - 98A - 123PTS

Note: It was close, but eleven knee surgeries later here's your worst, just 299 games is the least by any 1st overall pick.

Who they could have taken:

Brian Bellows: 2nd overall (1188GP - 1022PTS)
Scott Stevens: 5th overall (1635GP - 908PTS)
Phil Housley: 6th overall (1495GP - 1232PTS)
Salt in the wound - Dave Andreychuk: 16th overall (1639GP - 1338PTS)

That's my opinion anyway, who have I missed?


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